Fergie about to win the game

It seems like Real Madrid is abandoning the fight to have Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo.
Earlier in May, realistic Bernd Schuster stated that football was not a one-man game and that therefore, chasing the Portuguese star was in a sense ridiculous.

In an interview with Sky News this week, the coach made a joke saying he was aware that Real Madrid was seriously hunting for a player whom he did not even remember the name very well.

What a funny joke it was! On one hand, it shows how much Bernd Schuster has always advised the Spanish Champions to concentrate on signing other footballers. Now, it has been declared that Real Madrid was going to make a more valuable bid for Van der Vaart. Schuster is a great admirer of the Dutch international and believes his squad is in need of his services. Fortsätt läsa Fergie about to win the game

Bernd Schuster reveals Madrid could lose the battle

Bernd Schuster

Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster has admitted the Spanish giants have prepared a plan B for Ronaldo’s transfer. He said the club was interested in signing a wonderful player like Ronaldo but he added that the Portuguese winger still seemed undecided. Madrid now remains uncertain about a move for Man United’s number 7 this summer.

As the transfer window it is coming to an end in around a month, the club is consequently considering other options. Bern Schuster revealed his frustration over the fact that Real Madrid has made no major signing. He stated that the Spanish giants were in a position where it could be too late for them to get the targeted attacking players they want such as Cesc Fabregas. Fortsätt läsa Bernd Schuster reveals Madrid could lose the battle

Is Letizia Filippi random play or Cristiano’s girlfriend of choice?

Letizia Filippi

It has been reported that Cristiano Ronaldo has met Italian model Letizia Filippi on several occasions and that he was immediately hooked. She delivered a ‘gaze that melted him like an icicle in the sun’ one Italian paper reports.

Some even say she’s the cause of the recent break up with Nereida Gallardo.

Letizia, now 30, lives in Rome and her career took off when she finished third in Miss Italia 1994. After that she has worked in TV and has appeared on Italian TV show Buona Domenica (‘The Good Sunday’).

Letizia in an interview by London’s Daily Mail talked about what she’s looking for in a man:
”He must make me feel important,” and she continues, Fortsätt läsa Is Letizia Filippi random play or Cristiano’s girlfriend of choice?

Nereida Gallardo; Dumped and Broken

Nereida Gallardo

Did Ronaldo react too harshly towards his former girlfriend Nereida Gallardo when he broke up with her for good?

The Spanish model was one of the numerous girls Ronaldo has dated who had a big impact on Ronaldo’s private and professional life.

According to rumours, Ronaldo’s friends and family appreciated Nereida unlike Mercedes Romero – whom Ronaldo once planed to marry.

In terms of devotion, she certainly gave 100% of herself to Cristiano as she even went on to tattoo “CR7” on the inside of her wrist to honour her boyfriend’s name and lucky number.

Moreover, it is believed that she never duped Ronaldo during their relationship.

For those of you who are unaware of Nereida’s secret, the first question is probably, ‘Why did Ronaldo break up with such an angel?’ Fortsätt läsa Nereida Gallardo; Dumped and Broken

Queiros left, why not Ronaldo?

Carls Queiroz

This summer is certainly Alex Ferguson’s toughest moment in his career. In his entire 21 years as the manager of Manchester United, the best thing – arguably – that has ever happened to him was the arrival of two Portuguese: Carlos Queiros and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Since the death of his father in 2005, Ronaldo adopted the former Portuguese boss as his new daddy. And whether it is a coincidence or not, it was only then that Man United’s number 7 rose, transforming his youth talent into a professional footballer performance – scoring in the process 23 goals in the 2006/07 season and 42 last season.

If Carlos Queiros indeed played a major role in inspiring and guiding the winger to these prowesses, it is quite understandable that Ronaldo might see no reason why he should stay at Old Trafford to honour his contract since Queiros himself is no more in England. Fortsätt läsa Queiros left, why not Ronaldo?

Ronaldo must think twice

Sir Alex Ferguson

There is more to Ronaldo’s transfer than his unique decision of going to Madrid. Whether the truth is that Alex Ferguson wants to give up resisting Calderon’s Real or not, the manager has revealed he will consent on letting Ronaldo leave for Spain, if the player really insists on quitting England.

However, as he previously stated in a press conference on Monday, Alex again underlined his opinion that the 23-year-old superstar will be doing the worst mistake of his career if he joins the Spanish Champions.

Supported by Arsene Wenger who secretly criticised Real Madrid’s attitude in this saga, Ferguson felt no shame to reveal his thoughts about Ronaldo’s future. He stated that Portuguese winger might regret his decision of leaving Old Trafford for the Bernabeu in one or two years time if he indeed joins Madrid. Fortsätt läsa Ronaldo must think twice

Ronaldo’s future… only God knows

People have been waiting tiredly to know where and how the saga will conclude. If they are running out of patience to see in which club Ronaldo will end up and how things will turn out for him next season, then let them ask God and he will reveal everything to them.

The first thing one may ask is, ‘Where is God and who is he?’

Well, you need not to search too far, swim the rivers, climb the mountains, or reach the skies; God is right here, on earth and it is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, the master of his own self. Fortsätt läsa Ronaldo’s future… only God knows

Ramon Calderon v Alex Ferguson

The opposition featuring Real Madrid’s Calderon and Manchester United’s Alex Ferguson is a hot battle made of two men claiming to be tranquil and relax. Earlier last week, Ramon Calderon’s comments on the transfer saga came at the delight of the club’s board. The president affirmed that Ronaldo’s move would be completed in two weeks.

He stated that the club has a healthy budget that would prevent Real Madrid from a financial crisis should they even splash 85 million Euro on the Portuguese playmaker.

In the meantime, far away in South Africa where Man United travelled for their pre-season tour, Ferguson assured that Cristiano Ronaldo would be at Old Trafford next season. The manager confirmed he had met with Ronaldo in Lisbon on Monday, adding that everything went well though they both expressed their feelings as regards to the transfer. However, with his calm and comfortable attitude, was Fergie only trying to create impressions?
Fortsätt läsa Ramon Calderon v Alex Ferguson

Ronaldo left in the sidelines of love

Break UpCristiano Ronaldo has broken up his relationship with Nereida Gallardo! …at least, this is what rumours claim.

It is believed that the Portuguese star’s holiday trip in Sardinia with the model is the last he will ever have with her. Meanwhile, in an interview with a Spanish journalist, Nereida denied the fact that Ronaldo had “dumped” her.

She said that her boyfriend had phoned her in the morning and that he sounded sweet and kind as always. She added that he even told her the three words ‘I love you’ and that she replied the same to him.

So what is the true side of the story? Fortsätt läsa Ronaldo left in the sidelines of love

If Ronaldo had a twin…

Ronaldo Transfer SagaWhat a saga! There are so many people involved in Ronaldo’s transfer story. It’s not only made up of Real Madrid, Manchester United and Ronaldo, but also of his family and friends.

In between the great Pelé and the reigning footballer of the year Kaka, there are superstars like Enrique Iglesias and Rafael Nadal who contribute in widening the dimension of the transfer saga.

The most incredible part of this saga is the amount of different zones people have ended up in:

On one side, there is Cristiano Ronaldo – supported by two Madridists: the king of clay Nadal and the Spanish pop star Enrique Iglesias who are both keen on seeing the Portuguese play for Real. Fortsätt läsa If Ronaldo had a twin…