Money motivates

Cristiano Ronaldo has answered to United’s call saying he will be back from his holidays for the club’s pre-season tour. If the player keeps his promise, it’s almost certain that he will stay at Old Trafford next season.

However, though it’s understood that Real Madrid wanted to complete his signing on July 7th (something which wouldn’t be possible if Ronaldo plays for Manchester in the tour), a transfer could still be done in the last moments of the transfer windows.

But would the European Champions let this happen?
It is obvious that the English side would do their best to keep their star; it has been reported that they were ready to increase Ronaldo’s salary should it be a solution to keep him at the club.

On the other side, rumors suggest that the Portuguese winger agreed to remain in his current team because of Real Madrid’s attitude regarding his value in terms of payment. Earlier in the week, President Ramon Calderon dismissed claims that his club would splash 100 million euros to get the superstar as he declared that no footballer deserved to be transferred at this price.

Meanwhile, despite his desire to leave England for Spain, Ronaldo made it clear that Madrid should pay Manchester United the right amount before he could join them. But with Ramon Calderon reducing the maximum fee to 85 million euros, it doesn’t seem like a move will be done in some few days to come.

Perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo wants to feel much more respected for the talent he has. As a result, the transfer saga could continue until he is satisfied with the amount that Real Madrid will offer.

Written by: Angela Asante

Ronaldo buys house in Madrid

According to Spanish press reports Cristiano Ronaldo has purchased a home in the upmarket are of Madrid, Morajela. What adds weight to this claim is that it is apparently close to where Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon and manager Bernd Schuster live.

However Ronaldo, currently on holiday in Italy, is reportedly prepared to go back to Manchester when his three week vacation ends, despite the intense speculation regarding his future at Old Trafford.

This tends to indicate that where he plays next season may still not be as clear cut as some may think, including Ronaldo. Real President, Calderon today insisted Real will wait and only enter negotiations if Ronaldo “continues to insist on wanting to come and if Manchester let him leave”. Time will tell.

Written by: Rehaan Adam

A matter of jerseys

Manchester United fans will miss Ronaldo’s presence if he leaves Old Trafford this summer. In these last two years, he has been a sensation and has brought glory to the famous number 7 shirt. But for some reason, the “king of the Theatre of Dreams” just doesn’t want to continue his reign in England.

Consequently, a question has already been raised: who will wear the number 7 jersey?

There have been speculations that Portuguese young player Nani could be the next on the list since his style of play looks very much like Cristiano Ronaldo’s. But these are only suggestions. On the other hand, reports claim that the Red Devils want to sign Real Madrid’s Sneider. However, the player has snubbed United’s offer and it is very much a possibility that the Holland midfielder will not end going there this summer.

Perhaps Sir Alex Ferguson plans to make Sneider Ronaldo’s successor. In Real Madrid, the Dutch carries Beckham’s number, the number 23 jersey. And apparently, he had a good season.

And what about Ronaldo himself? Skipper Raul Gonzalez already wears the number 7 jersey and if Sneider doesn’t quit Real, he will still possess the number 23.

On July 7th, it will be interesting to know which number will be given to the Portuguese star if he indeed joins the Spanish giants.

Without “7” inscribed on his shirt, will Ronaldo lose his power like Beckham did?

Written by: Angela Asante

Have Manchester United lost the war?

So Ronaldo really wants to leave Manchester for Madrid? Then it is up to him to do the best he can to see his dream change into reality. He stated after Portugal’s loss to Germany that though he wanted to be in Real Madrid, the possibility of his transfer was in the hands of Manchester United.

The EPL Champions reported the Spanish club to Fifa but it appears like they have lost their appeal. Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has dismissed claims that his club were willing to sign Ronaldo for 100 million euros. Besides, Calderon told the media that the Ronaldo transfer saga wasn’t a war between two clubs in any way.

The Spanish Giants declared they will love to complete the signing of the Portuguese star on July 7th and this could only happen if United finally give up resisting them. Has United already lost Ronaldo even if he stays at the club?

Maybe Cristiano will change his mind and vow to commit himself to Manchester United until the end of his contract in 2012.

But this is only a ”perhaps” so hard to be true.

Written by: Angela Asante

Guest debate article regarding the Ronaldo transfer rumors

Since June 19th, the Euros are over for Cristiano Ronaldo. One could suggest that Portugal’s exit is due to the fact that talismanic Ronaldo might have been distracted because of matters surrounding his club future.

And who knows if this is indeed the true reason?

Whichever is the cause, the reality is that Portugal could not make it into the semifinals and that Cristiano Ronaldo can now concentrate on his future with Manchester United.

It’s clearly apparent that the winger wants to leave Old Trafford for Real Madrid. However contractual terms with Manchester United prevent him from playing for the Spanish Giants come next season. Therefore, in Thursday’s meeting with Alex Ferguson, Ronnie will hope to convince his boss.

Real Madrid is a club who often wins in transfer cases. After being able to sign Beckham from Manchester, perhaps will they get the other number 7 shirt too: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid President Raymond Calderon earlier told the media that his club weren’t “chasing” the Portuguese star though United’s Chairman David Gill insists the Spanish club have used “illegal” manners to try and take Ronaldo away from his current club.

Is United then trying to accuse Real Madrid of manipulating the young man?

Probably yes. But now Cristiano Ronaldo has firmly set up his mind on quitting the English Premiership as he stated in an interview that he doesn’t mind bothering Fergie.

He still hasn’t officially announced his plans but brief comments describe his feelings; Madrid is the club of his dreams and a move to Spain will break Zidan’s transfer price record.

Ronaldo is a talented player with an attractive personality who loves glamorous ladies such as his new girlfriend Nereida Guallardo. So why not go to Real which is believed by many to be a more glamorous club than Manchester United?

So, Ronaldo’s transfer saga is a war between a player’s opinion and a club’s decision..

Alex has promised to resist Franco’s team Real Madrid in their will to sign their star. If he can, then Ronaldo will end up staying at Old Trafford next season.

But what good is it to have an uncommitted talisman in a squad?

On Thursday, everything will be revealed;

Who will come up victorious from this long running battle?

Written by: Angela Asante

To Ronaldo: From Manchester with Love

Carlos Queiroz, the Manchester Utd assistant manager claims nobody knows how to show Cristiano Ronaldo “affection” and “attention” like Manchester does.

Truth is Manchester will have to do much better than this if they are to stand any chance of persuading him to stay. Yes, they have done it before, after the last World Cup but this time round Ronaldo himself seems determined to leave.

This may be the difference this time round. Not due back from holiday until 14th July, he is hoping a deal can be thrashed out and thus avoiding an uneasy face to face confrontation with manager Alex Ferguson.

According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Ronaldo will be announced as a Real Madrid player on July 7th 2008, which if true, leaves Ferguson without that golden opportunity to display the affection that Queiroz is talking about.

Real Madrid prepared to wait for Ronaldo’s decision

The ongoing speculation about where Cristiano Ronaldo will play his football next season has led Real Madrid officials to publicly state they are waiting for Ronaldo to make the first move.

The ball undoubtedly is in Ronaldo’s court. Whether he contemplates stating he wants to leave in no uncertain terms however, is a tricky one. Does he risk the wrath of the Manchester fans and get slated if the move fails? Or does he remain as quiet as possible, hoping the behind the scenes negotiations allow him to not make a fuss and demand he is sold.

According to Zinedine Zidane, the Real Madrid and France legend there is only one outcome to this saga. It is clear to him that when Real “want” someone like Ronaldo they normally “get them”. What remains to be determined is whether Ronaldo is available to ‘get’. Manchester keep saying he is not but sooner or later they will have to face reality.

Real Madrid coach: I would pay €100m for Ronaldo

On sunday Bernd Schuster, coach of Real Madrid told German TV station DSF that he would be willing to pay €100m for Cristiano Ronaldo.

”For such a player we will pay what is necessary because what counts for us is to win the Champions League”.

Schuster understand Manchester United’s reaction over the rumors, saying:
”When you have a player of such quality you don’t let him go.”

When Ronaldo where asked about the Real-transfer rumors he answered that everything will be set within two to three days. He also added:

”Everyone knows what I want, and what my dream is.”

”It’s a big possibility, but it doesn’t just depend on me.”

Ronaldo wishes to make dream move

Cristiano Ronaldo has made his clearest indication yet that he wishes to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid, saying it will be a “dream move” for him.

Reading into his comments after Portugal’s exit from Euro 2008, it seems Ronaldo has listened to outgoing Portugal coach Scolari rather than Alex Ferguson on his burning desire to join Real Madrid.

There is no doubt the Ronaldo and Ferguson relationship has soured. Those joyous scenes of them hugging and celebrating after winning the Champions League seem a far distant memory. Who would have thought just a short period after this Ferguson and Manchester Utd would contemplate putting the player in the stands rather than sell him on.

But this is no ordinary player. This is the most coveted player in the world today. And in Manchester’s treatment of him they may have forgotten this might tip him over the edge and make Real’s interest in him more attractive to a footballer who it seems has had enough of being sheided and protected by Ferguson in particular.

Euro 2008: Ronaldo and his Portugal lost against Germany in the quarter-final

Portugal is out of the Euro 2008 after losing against Germany with 2-3. Germany was the strongest team and had both 2-0 and 3-1 but Portugal came back and reduced to 1-2 and 2-3. Unfortunately they couldn’t manage to equalize. Sad for Cristiano Ronaldo to be defeated this early in the tournament. We’re not the only ones that had big expectations for this tournament, it looked really good in the group-stage.

Ronaldo will now take a break and then make his decision about which club he will play for next season.