Brace for Ronaldo as Utd confirm 2nd spot at Xmas

Ronaldo scored twice today against Everton to keep Utd in tight competition for the title. The remain 1 point behind Arsenal after this week’s fixtures.

The final score was 2-1 and the game seemed to be heading for a draw until Pienaar made a terrible mistake for Everton late on, bringing down Giggs in the box. Ronaldo clamly dispatched the penalty, sending Howard the wrong way.

Ronaldo’s first goal was a moment of pure brilliance at 22 minutes. He collected Tevez’s cross-field pass first time, stepped inside Lee Carsley and drilled into the top corner left-footed with Tim Howard motionless.

However 5 minutes later, Everton’s inform Tim Cahill headed in his 7th goal in 13 games this season.

Utd had a host of shots on target as they tried to regain the lead, but it took until 88 mins for Ronaldo to seal it with the penalty.

Ronaldo takes 3rd in World Player awards

AC Milan’s Kaka was crowned as Fifa’s World Player of the Year, with Messi 2nd and Ronaldo 3rd. The award is voted on by all national team managers and captains.

Ronaldo didn’t have fate on his side as the award has never been won by a premiership player. Along with this he has had a lack of star performances on the biggest stage.

Ronaldo commented on the nomination: ”I was so pleased when I got nominated. The first thing I did was tell the people closest to me.

”It’s a real honour for me to be considered one of the three best players in the world.”

Goal and assist for Ronaldo in 4-1 win

Utd won 4-1 against Derby at Old Trafford yesterday, with a brace from Tevez and goals from Giggs and Ronaldo. It was Giggs’ 100th goal for United. The win takes them to within 1 point of league leaders Arsenal.

Ronaldos goal came from a penalty when he was felled by Stephen Bywater. The decision has sparked controversy over Ronaldo’s greed for goals as Tevez was on a hat-trick. However Manchester United’s players insist there was no bad blood over Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to take the penalty.
Fortsätt läsa Goal and assist for Ronaldo in 4-1 win

Ronaldo survives car spin!

carIt seems that Ronaldo is not as skilled at controlling his car as he is with a football. Hours after scoring both goals in the 2-0 victory against Fulham on Monday, Ronaldo lost control of his Audi R8, spun the car 180 degrees and found himself facing the wrong way at a roundabout.

A fan told The Sun: ”The road was a bit slippery and he ended up losing control, power-sliding around the roundabout.”

”He did manage to turn to car safely and avoid any damage … but he’s had a real scare.”

Ronaldo: Ref upset Mum!

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that referee Rob Styles upset his Mum after booking him for diving against Fulham on Monday.
The Portuguese star was denied his first hat-trick for Manchester United when Styles booked him for diving instead of awarding a penalty.

Ronaldo’s double was his 12th brace since joining the Utd in 2003 but despite a terrific scoring record, the winger’s mother is less than impressed.

Ronaldo revealed: ”My mum sometimes says to me ‘why do you never score a hat-trick?!’.

”But I always tell her I’m happy to keep scoring two goals.

”I’m a winger, not a striker, but my mentality is always to try and help the team, whether it is by making a goal or scoring one.”

Ronaldo double strike sinks Fulham

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a double and could have got his first hattirck against Fulham if it were not for Rob Styles bad decision. Ronaldo had to swiftly dive over fulham keeper Antti Niemi to prevent himself being flattened by the on-coming keeper. In the rules of the game the incident is conceived as a penalty, Instead of awarding United the decision, Styles booked Ronaldo for gamesmanship, a decision TV replays later suggested was incorrect.

”I try to do my job and I try to play honestly,” he said.

”I respect the referee’s decision but I do not have the same opinion because I thought it was a penalty.

”If you see the replay, the goalkeeper never touched the ball, so it is frustrating the referee gave me a yellow card.”
Fortsätt läsa Ronaldo double strike sinks Fulham