£135 million, what more do you need?

The Ronaldo transfer saga involving Manchester United and Real Madrid might well be over but a new soap-opera is just about to hit the TV screens this coming January.

Manchester City’s new owner has publicly avowed his desire to bring Europe’s best player Cristiano Ronaldo to the City of Manchester Stadium at an amount outbidding Real Madrid’s price of around £70 million.

In a statement made to the media, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim declared how much more a good player like Ronaldo should be worth, which explains why he intends to buy Ronaldo from archrivals Manchester United at £135 million.

What a huge sum of money that will record the most expensive transfer ever made in the English Premier League!

Manchester United Football Club faces mountains of debts like most big clubs in Europe, Ronaldo wants money and glamour, so if there’s a realistic bid going up to £135 million for the Portuguese ace who has several times revealed his desire to quit Old Trafford, would it not be hard to refuse?

Let’s just wait and see whether Ronaldo himself becomes excited by Manchester City’s offer in January. If the answer were yes, football spectators would just have to seat back and follow a new saga entitled “Rocket Ron in the Blue Skies.”

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • AlbertManu4Life
      11th September 2008

      I believe that Angela Asante is not a “true” Man United fan, because it is people like her who are unwittingly fuelling endless unfounded speculations and conjectures which make great players like Christian Ronaldo, more unsettled and then begin to believe that their future may lie elsewhere just because of more money being flashed in their faces. Is CR considered a pure money-faced person willing to serve anyone with more money? Is he not wealthy enough now beyond his youth dreams? Is he not already in the biggest club where the fans (worldwide)adore him; where there is so little chance of him being sidelined just because some other player may one day be also bought under such cash-attraction basis (eg read Robinho in RM?). Let us all instead plse look at the positive side of people we admire, and show support and encourage our young stars on higher intangible aspects of life like loyalty, life contentment, and what football or club legends are all built and based upon.


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